Thursday, 17 January 2013

New Blog

It is now my fifth year as a Pagan! It hasn't been very long, but I have learnt so much and changed so much in that time; in fact, I've changed a lot, and I'm pleased about it :)
With the new change that has hit me especially with this turn of the wheel I have started a new blog. In fact, whilst I'm at it, I've started two new blogs. The Spiralled Path is my main blog where I am now writing about my practices and my path; it is an Eclectic Pagan blog so they'll be a variety of content on there. As a bonus I'm also doing a blog called A Pagan Reads the Bible in which, as it sounds, I'm writing about my responses and ideas to stories in the Bible as I read it all in 1 year. I know some of you will be interested in this, and some will not.

Thank you for reading and following this blog. You never know, I may revive it. I will still be talking about Egyptian subjects in my new blog, but there'll be more there as well. I hope to see you there!

Thank you, Senebty,


Thursday, 5 April 2012

My Dual Path

I'm going through an important Spiritual awakening right now. It's been hard work trying to fit things together and understand the nature of God, my preferred way of practicing and answering all of my questions. It certainly doesn't come quickly! Over the last year and a half things have begun to pick up and become clearer.
I have so far found my Spiritual name, my totem animal and Patrons, and now more has been revealed. I have somehow come to the understanding of what role the Abrahamic Religions' play in the World's Spiritual Truths and am comfortable now with appreciating what I have learnt alongside continuing a Pagan Practice. It certainly makes me feel very at home and at ease!
The battle between Abrahamic Religion and Paganism has been a struggle for me - not a hard one but a constant philosophical struggle. After overcoming that I now need to combat the second struggle that has followed me since the beginning: Celtic vs Egyptian.
After talking to my Circle Sisters' I had a realisation of how I could manage this. It seems so simple. I already do try to somewhat merge and balance the two, but now there is also the option of successfully keeping it separate. Some followers of Kemetic Orthodox practice other forms of Paganism alongside KO, such as Wicca. I may experiment now with trying to separate the two at necessary times to make a good balance of each path.

So it appears that I have a really Dual-Path right now. In fact, it really goes further than a dual in number! I'm still learning and experimenting so give me time and it will become clearer, I hope.
I have edited these blogs two keep the two distinct for now.
Goddess Spirals focuses on my Wiccan Path (mostly Welsh-Celtic, with a few exceptions):
Egyptian Paganism focuses on the Egyptian side of my path:

I have posted this blog post on both of my blogs so that both sides of my followers are aware.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Spring Equinox Ritual to Isis and Osiris

1) Purify space and self; consecrate athame, water and salt.
2) Cast the circle, call the quarters, Quebehsennuf, Duamutef, Imsety, Hapi.
3) Light candles: “The fire burns, the fire shines…”
4) Light incense: “The incense is burns, the incense shines. May your perfume come to me, O Netjer; May this perfume come to you, O Netjer, May I be with you, O Netjer, May you be with me, O Netjer. May you love me, O Netjer, as I love you.”
5) Invoke Isis: “Beautiful lady Isis, mother, magician, lady of the golden throne, may you be with me in this circle!” Ring bell and step back into her.
6) “The beneficent Isis who protected her brother and sought for him, she would take no rest until she had found him. She shaded him with her feathers and gave him air with her wings.” Wave feather over the four candles and breathe over them.
7) Light top candle. “This is our brother, come let us lift up his head…”
8) Light the second. “Come let us rejoin his bones, come let us reassemble his limbs…”
9) Light the third. “Come let us put an end to all his woe, that, as far as we can help, he will weary no more.”
10) Light the fourth. “May the moisture begin to mount for this spirit! May the canals be filled through you!”
11) Pour red wine or water in to heart cup in the centre. “May, the names of the rivers be created through you! Osiris Live!” Ring bell. “Osiris, let the great Listless One arise! I am Isis.” Ring bell
12) “She cried out for joy and brought her brother to land. She received the weariness of the Listless One and took his seed into her body, thus giving him an heir.”
13) Lift the Djed pillar. “Rise Osiris, Rise” Ring bell. Tie red ribbon around the Pillar.
14) “So mote it be! Bless Creation for the gift of life! Spring has cometh, Osiris has risen again!”
15) Have cakes and ale and give offerings.
16) Give thanks and close.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Pray for Egypt

I recently asked on a Facebook group about Egyptian Paganism if anyone knew what was happening in Egypt now, after the riots. An Egyptian man replied to me and gave me the sad truth, that 40% of the population were in poverty and crime and violence were at an all time high. The new SCAF government are doing nothing and the Islamic group who are trying to seize power are a big threat (I am a supporter of Islam, but not of religious "democratic" parties!). There is so much danger and violence that tourists are not visiting anymore - and Egypt relied on tourism for the bulk of its income. Egypt really is in a dire situation here.

Please may we unite our prayers together and pray for Horus' Golden Wings to spread themselves over Egypt and restore order and peace. I cannot pray this enough.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Learn your Tarot Cards

I am one that is relatively new to the art of tarot reading, although I have read for many friends of mine to practice. The first pack I picked up was from my mother; she had bought them with some new age books which she never looked at after she had parted with her money for them. I didn't connect with them and decided that I didn't work well with tarot cards as they were too complicated.
But after the passage of time I was given a new pack from a friend, with Egyptian images upon them. With this new pack I really wanted to put them in to good use and so started experimenting. I really connect to those cards and still use them today. They have given many very accurate readings in the past! Some of the meanings written in the booklet seem a bit obscure however and so I intend on re-writing a few.
I got a new pack for the Christmas just past called The Labryinth. Last night I spent hours exploring them and their gorgeous images. They are quite different to my other pack. For one, they can have reversed meanings and so in shuffling cards can be turned upside down. I tried to give readings with this, and then with only upright meanings and discovered that the reversed meaning had to be included in the reading. I also tried out a new layout and found out that it was too to consuming and that I could shorten it.
The reason I am sharing this is because I believe that it is important to get to know your cards. All decks are different and so you need to familiarise yourself with what works with them and what their pictorial meanings are. Sometimes I find that the image bares more relevance than the words in the booklet!
Had I not explored these cards before a reading then, one they would not connect to me as a reader, and two, I would be given false readings with only upright cards bringing good news (ignoring the bad news).

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Candle Magick

Candle magic

Candle magic can work in the same way that working with crystals can, in the sense that colour is key. The colour has it’s own vibrational frequency for your spell and can connect to your mind psychologically, enhancing your own inner magic.

Lighting a candle sets the physic mood of spells or prayers, connecting you to an altered consciousness. In magic you will burn the candle to send off a spell, noting how well or badly it burns, or any patterns the wax makes. Usually you will anoint the candle with an appropriate oil, such as patchouli to a green candle for fertility. Anoiting upwards can bring the spell towards you, anointing downwards sends it away - though this can vary.

The examples of colour correspondance that I give here are based on my own feeling towards the colours and therefore may vary from witch to witch.

Red for love, passion, sexuality, deep emotion, fire.
Orange for courage, confidence.
Yellow for happiness, wealth, optimism, air.
Green for fertility, growth, wealth, loyalty, earth.
Blue for maternity, loyalty, healing, emotion, water.
Purple for spirituality, magic, spirit.
Black for protection, secrecy, inner self, death,earth.
White for purity, innocence, truth.
Pink for love, romance, family, innocence and beauty.

Times: white and silver for esbats.
The other colours for sabbats - look at the world around you to determine what colours (leaves).
God is usually gold, Goddess silver - but this changes according to specific deity names and even cultures (solar Goddess vs. lunar God).

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Past Life Regression

Today I experienced my first past life regression. I'm not entirely sure what I believe with this. Although I believe in past lives, I don't know about regression. It could either be all true memories, or it could be subconscious story-making visualisation with a significant meaning and message behind it. Either way it is valuable.

First I was lead to a stately country house and guided step by step into further relaxation until I reached the garden where I relaxed and lay. Soon I was guided to a seat by some trees and shortly after a mist came. It was behind the bench and revealed a maze. As the mist swallowed me up, on the count of three I would enter the past life memory.
At this point I had managed to get into a deep meditative state. My heart began to race with anticipation though.

On the third count the mist vanished and I saw a vast landscape. There were pine trees to my left and a blue river swirling round them and in front of me. There were mountains in the distance. I was wearing all brown and had brown hair. I recognised my dress as native American. I did not expect this and had preconceived hopes of elsewhere. In the distance I could see small huts. I stared into the distance at this village and felt sadness; I knew I had lost something and tears came to my eyes a little in reality.

I regressed to a younger age, about 3, and I was by the river playing. My mother came and picked me up. She had long black hair in a side plait. At this point tears came down my face in reality a lot. She picked me up and looked up at something that made her nervous and she went away to with me to her hut.

I feel as if these memories were the important ones. From there I may have tried to fill the gaps due to the guides questions. The other memories may have been significant but they were not as natural as the first ones.