Monday, 22 June 2009

Our Ritual Today and Prayer to Isis

About four posts ago I posted the ritual that we (Tigerseye and myself) would be doing for Litha on the 22nd of June. Today is that day and we have completed the ritual and joint spell. We went to the woods nearby and found a clearing to cast out circle. The ground was covered in ivy, leaves, and bracken but it was still good to walk on; on opposite sides of the circle (West and East) were two beautiful trees. Their thick branches entwined with one another above us and stretched from either side. It just so happened to be just meters away from where I did my tree love spell over a full moon ago so it was all ready a magickal area.

The Ritual itself went well and was simple, yet lovely nonetheless. The energy was raised really well and I am happy with how it turned out. I do feel however that I need practice at visualisation and directing of energy - my new main objective! Next up is Lammas so I have just over a month to begin planning! I love it so much!

Also I stumbled across a really beautiful prayer to Isis. It is written in Egyptian to English phonetics and also in the translated English. I will be using this prayer during my solitary rituals, and will speak it in both tongues:

A Prayer to Isis

Nehes, nehes, nehes,
Nehes em hotep,
Nehes em neferu,
Nebet hotepet
Weben em hotep,
Weben em neferu,
Nutjert en Ankh,
Nefer em Pet!
Pet em hotep,
Ta em hotep,
Nutjert sat Nut,
Sat Geb,, Merit Auser,
Nutjert Asha-renu!
Anekh hrak
Anekh hrak
Tua atu, Tua atu,
Nebet Aset!
Awake, awake, awake,
Awake in peace,
Lady of Peace,
Rest thou in peace,
Rise thou in beauty,
Goddess of Life
Beautiful in Heaven.
Heaven is in peace,
Earth is in peace
O Goddess,
Daughter of Nut,
Daughter of Geb,
Beloved of Osiris,
Goddess rich in names!
All praise to You,
All praise to You,
I adore You,
I adore You,
Lady Isis!

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