Monday, 14 March 2011

Egyptian Ritual

This isn't 100% accurate to an authentic Egyptian ritual as it has a Tameran Wiccan stance; however many aspects are very true to the nature of Egyptian rituals.

1) Purification of self and space.

2) Enter the Temple: “Lord Anubis we greet you with pure heart and soul, we honour you oh Temple protector, we honour you oh soul protector; hear us. We are here to learn from the Gods and Goddesses, we pray that you will show us the way, we pray that you will keep us safe, until we again meet in the Judgement chamber, let us enter.”

3) Sweep space in circle, take salt and sprinkle on ground, “I spread this salt of our earth blessed from Geb Upon the ground to set the boundaries Of this Sacred Space no evil may cross my mark."

4) Now take some water and add salt to it; sprinkle it around the circle and say:
“I spread this water from the blessed Nuit From which all creation and order came Upon the ground to set the boundaries Of this Sacred Space No evil may cross my mark.”

5) Then take the incense around.

6) Call the four quarters, Qebehsennuf, Duamutef, Imsety and Hapi, OR Shu, Ra, Tefnut, Geb.

7) Open the temple gates.

8) Invoke deity with chosen invocation. “Awake in peace, O [name] May you awake in peace…”9) Perform Henu.

9) Senut (offerings and worship): Light candles: “The fire burns, the fire shines…” Light incense: “The incense is burns, the incense shines. May your perfume come to me, O Netjer; May this perfume come to you, O Netjer, May I be with you, O Netjer, May you be with me, O Netjer. May you love me, O Netjer, as I love you.” Pour water as offering as you recite each line: “I pour cool water for the akhu, Shining like gold in the vault of Nut. I pour cool water for Wepawet who opens The Way for us. I pour cool water for my Sebau who guides me on The Way. I pour cool water for Ma'at who is The Way.” Offer Bread: “Peret er kheru mee pereret em reh en netjer (netjeret)”* Perform Henu. Say: “May these Offerings please You, O Netjer May Your Ka be fed!”

10) Offer Ma’at.

11) Give Henu and respectfully dismiss Netjer and the four quarters.

12) Close the shrine.

13) Sweep this space and then back out of the temple (removing the foot).

* “May offerings of every kind come forth in abundance, like the things which come forth from the mouth of the God (Goddess).”

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  1. beauty-full! can i print this up? where are the image from this post and the one for the blog beneath the blog title from? they are beautiful images. Dua Netjer!