Monday, 2 May 2011

God Osiris

Osiris (Wesir/Ausar/Oser) is my Patron God. When I came to the Egyptian pantheon he was the first God I went to and I am still with him today. He is portaryed in the form of a King, but most c...ommnly a Green (or black) man in white with the crook and flail and a long white crown.

He is the ancient Egyptian God of life and death. He is son of Nut and Geb, brother of Horus the Elder, Set, Nephthys and Isis and consort of Isis. In his myths he was the first born son and Heir to the throne of earth. Him and Isis ruled over earth and taught humans the art of agriculture; Osiris was popular amongst his people. His direct opposite, Set, is God of chaos and was jealous of Osiris' popularity. According to the Greek version of his myth Set's wife Nephthys disguised herself as her twin Isis and slept with Osiris (whom she was in love with). They concieved a child Anbuis who Nephthys was forced to abandon in case her husband found out. Isis took Anbuis in. This is the Greek version and no Egyptian sources tell this story, but it's up to you.

This may explain why Set was so jealous. Set conspired against Osiris, trapping him in a coffin and throwing him in the Nile where he drowned. Isis was distraught and sought after him. She found him and Set tore him into 16 pieces.

Nephthys helped Isis to find the pieces again and they retrieved 15. With the help of Thoth and Anbuis, the sisters reassembled the body (becoming the first mummy). Isis fashioned a new penis (which had been lost) and breathed life back into him, long enough to conceive Horus. Osiris then rose to the heavens of his mother Nuit to reign over the underworld. Isis brought Horus up to avenge his father.

Set's murdering of Osiris should not make him out as a devil. Set needed to kill Osiris in order for there to be a balance of life and death; it has been suggested that Osiris sacrificed himself to Set for this reason.

For the reasons of this myth he is God of agriculture and the blessed harvest of the Nile, giver of all life; he is fertile as the father and husband so God of fruitful and loving sexual acts; and he is God of the cycle of death and rebirth, the eternal judge in heaven. His main temple was in Abydos.

He was equated with many Gods, such as Ptah, Ra, Sokar, Banebjedet, Dionysus, and even Jesus Christ!...

Offerings: Bread, dark beers, wine, grapes, seeds, vegetables, Djed pillar, green moss agate, jade, petrified wood, myrrh and frankincense.

Osiris is celebrated at his Wag festival and the Osirian mysteries. I worship him at Samhain and Ostara mostly. Samhain, to celebrate his mummification, Horus' conception and his ascension, and Ostara to celebrate his bounty and ressurection. You raise the Djed pillar (a green candle can suffice or any tall object) to show this.

Worship Osiris if you need judgement, justice, fertility, fatherly love, and guidance.

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